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Love Day Celebration

The infamous Valentine's Day is almost here. You know the day where the woman usually gets all of the gifts, cards, flowers, and lots and lots of chocolate...did I mention chocolate? Yeah that day. Well here at M is for...we are about spreading the love all around, not just the showering of gifts for one spouse over the other.

I have been trying to decide on how to romance the mister this year and although we celebrate each other all year long, there's something nice about having a day specifically to do a little extra. We like to do things different from societal norms, and with Titus in the mix we like to do things family style and then set aside some time for just us two.

So this year I purchased these little cards from Michael's for 50% off (score) and I have been leaving ones in random places that I know he would find. Nothing major, but the hugs and kisses that he gives from finding them means a lot. I have also found some pretty simple and cost effective gift ideas on Pinterest to create a basket of his favorite things. Who doesn't like for their man to smell nice huh?

With Titus we are getting him some of his favorite snacks and a DVD for us to sit down and watch. I plan on cooking an extra special dinner for them as well. Later on that evening when the kiddo is asleep we will still some alone time to just relax with the two of us. It's important to make time for each other especially with our crazy work schedule and all. Sometimes those moments alone are what keep us from side-eyeing each other through the week. Yes, we get tired and frustrated but when we really think about it, it's really because we miss each other or just need to talk about whatever crazy explosion is happening outside of our home.

I challenge you to do one act to show someone or something some love...either at work, home, in the family or community. It doesn't have to cost anything, sometimes a phone call or text is more than enough to show you care.

So with that, Happy Love Day to All of You!!! I thank you for subscribing to this blog and being a part of my little world. To show my love I will be choosing one random follower to send a special gift to!!! Will it be you???


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