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New Year, Same Me, New Mindset

With the new year knocking at our door, I thought it fitting to stop and take a look at 2018 and all of its' memories. While I'm very eager to see what 2019 will bring, it's important to see where I have been and how I want to proceed for the upcoming year.

As a mom:

Well Titus and I have definitely had some adventures. We have learned a lot in all areas from discipline to play time and everything in between. Discipline is such an important area because I do not want him to feel as if he is constantly "in trouble" but I want him to be able to self-assess (I know that's asking a lot from a four year old) and make the necessary adjustments. I know that he is an energetic and sometimes rough little person and I do not want that to be confused with "being bad" (by the way we do not say that around here). I want him to be able to understand that there is a time for yelling out or running as fast as his little legs can carry them, but at the same time in the sanctuary during praise and worship is not really that time. I want him to understand that not everyone wants to train to be The Ultimate Beastmaster on the playground, sometimes they just want to play on the slide. He will not just randomly learn these things, he has to be taught them. I pray constantly that GOD shows me exactly what he needs to be taught and how to teach it to him as his mom. Of course there are times when he gets the "mom look" you know, the one where your freeze in the midst of whatever you are doing and your body feels as if it is in some sort of temporary paralysis, but yet if you don't make the conscious decision to stop whatever it is you are doing their will be serious consequences...yeah that "look". But more often that not, he gets a conversation away from the situation, and yes a real conversation where he is asked questions, and gets an opportunity to explain himself and how things could've been different. Usually some "thinking time" gets him rebooted for a better day. I've learned though, when I'm frustrated I must stop and get myself together before talking to him. Nothing makes me feel worse than fussing at him in a major way out of something he had nothing to do with. "I mean come on Cierra, you're the adult here". But if you want to shock a kid, apologize to them. Man I'm telling you when I do, he understands that it is sincere, but I think in the long run he will understand two things: 1-Mommy is human and not perfect and 2-apologizing is important and very much necessary.

As a wife:

This year has of course brought its own challenges, but not without bringing so many good things. Mr. Walton and I have been working together on communicating our honest and true feelings, which can sometimes be a bit difficult with all of life going on. We have had countless conversations about our feelings and misunderstandings, but we have had countless more of our love, gratitude and appreciation for one another. I am beginning to understand that just like it is important for me to hear him express his appreciation or likeness for something that I do, it is equally important for me to do the same for him. We celebrated 9 awesome years of being married with an in-home date night and stay-cation. It was great. We played games, listened to music, ate good food, but most of all we enjoyed each other's company.

As a teacher:

This school year started off totally different from last year's. Last year we were battling Hurricane Harvey, sharing a school half day and then Snowmagedon. However, I am excited to say that we ended on a great note with our spring PBL (project based learning), which brought us in front of the school board to present their products. Students were tasked with designing and surveying the community to design a community center. Students worked hard, asked serious questions and applied their learning. This school year we worked on not 1 but 2 PBLs, the Stallion Carnival and Sheldon Cares. The Stallion Carnival was based around the concept of probability and their end product was to design a game that students would play at our school carnival. Sheldon Cares was a community service learning project around percents dealing with the homeless population of Houston. The 7th graders then created and managed a donation drive to contribute toiletries to a local youth homeless shelter. We worked hard, we laughed, regrouped, and are now ready to get back at it. My students are all very important to me, and I am proud to be their teacher.

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