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Date Night Funners 1/12

The hubby and I finally got an opportunity to have a date night and we started our Passport Journeys (see previous post). It was nice to not really have to think about what to do or any of the other things that usually arise when planning a date night. We literally jumped in the truck and were off to complete our first date night in the book.

Our date night was simply to go to a dollar store, we chose Walmart, and purchase things on a specific budget, we chose $5.00 per person that was something that represented our marriage, represented the other person, and that was sexy ;)!!!

We had a blast and even opted for some dessert to take home and enjoy. We people-watched, laughed, acted silly, but most of all, it was time spent with one another. No expectations just inhibited quality time. We are definitely looking forward to our next date night. Stay tuned for details on what it will be.


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