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Date nights are a must...

So recently my husband and I wanted to do some things different for date nights. We have been married for going on 9 years, although it feels just like yesterday, and so we have done a lot of out-of-the-box type dates already. However, as I was perusing the posts of some of my fellow Instagramers I found a friend of mine who I attended college with. She has created these awesome Lover + Me passports for relationships. They are very couple-user friendly with very specific yet creative instructions. So much so that no two couple's books will look the same. I like them because not only does it allow for some pretty great communication, but it also allows couple's to spend some much needed time together. There are 12 dates, one per month and Ms. Lacey keeps it fun and interesting. We will be starting our first date this month and we are both equally excited. Check out her Instagram to see the journeys of other couples and prepare to embark on your own. Stay tuned for more posts on our date nights.

Now back to the mission at hand, my husband and I have been on a wide range of dates. From everything pro bono to did we really just spend that. I will tell you that we not once regretted any moment of it. Why? Because "time spent is better than any money spent"-Me. We always look at it like this, sure we could've spent the money or time on something else, but why not invest in each other. Each other is what will keep you going when the kids are all out of sorts, when everyone at work is acting like they are from another planet, and when you yourself may seem a little out of this world. The mister and I can always smile big when we talk about the times when we would go and sit in the park and just talk for hours about life, or the time we floated down the river in New Braunfels (did I mention that I can't swim). So here are a few things that these Waltons have found to be the keys to our greatest date nights:

1) Every date night doesn't mean leaving the house

2) Money shouldn't make or break the date night

3) Communicate, communicate, communicate

4) Enjoy one another

5) Go with the flow

Here are a few of our go-to sites for inspiration and deals around town:

Houston On The Cheap-Here you will find lots of great deals in and around Houston, Tx.

The Dating Divas-Great inspiration for some pretty memorable dates

Groupon-You can never go wrong with a good deal

So to you and your boo I say...spend wisely my friends!

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