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Mom, momma, mommy, ma,...whatever you answer to, you are a very vital part in your kiddo's life. This little guy came in an stole my heart (no really he took it and wouldn't let it go) when we first met. I am so grateful yet so humbled by being chosen to be his mommy. He is so much life and love wrapped up into one human being that it continuously makes me want to be and do better. Not just better in terms of providing or spending time, but in terms of loving and giving of myself. I pray that I am always here for him and that he continues to be proud to say, "that's my mom right there". This is Mr. Titus, or Ty as we call him. He is full of personality and energy. I promise there is never a dull moment with him around. From moments between him and his brother (Sir Isaac-the dog) and his studio sessions with Daddy, there is no lack in entertainment.

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